Why its great ?

Enjoyment in Movement is the essential focus; the camp will teach kids how to use optimize different forms of movement to their advantage.

Key focus is on teaching kids how to prepare to play sports intelligently to get the most out of their bodies; in a fun environment.

At MOVE we put great emphasis on prehab; giving students the tools and intelligence to prevent injury and optimize performance when playing sports.

Ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, neck
Flexibility Training
Stretching, agilility, performance
Concentration, Performance, Self-Awareness
Balance/Core Training
Helthy neurological development

Our Day Schedules; include all the relevant technical information and drills to improve athletic ability.

Plyometrics Athletic posture and Speed Training Coordination improvement training Fitness awareness

We also talk openly to camp goers about the most up to date hydration and nutritional information to increase energy and performance in sports. Key Hydration indicators Sports Nutrition Wholeness

Building Confidence Through being taught how to best prepare for sport performance and engaging students practically in all the required facets; confidence building occurs when positive experiences happen as a result of the training and hard work. We also engage students in mental exercises; practical information on visualization techniques will be thought throughout the camp and exercises to build mental toughness will be used in certain drills and games to assess performance under pressure.

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